How to Create an Ecommerce Website


Online retail businesses are the modern trends in the corporate sector. With increasing internet availability, many clients prefer to make their orders from various free e-commerce websites. As an aspiring entrepreneur, make an effort of joining this best ecommerce platform for small business. Though seemingly daunting, setting up an e-commerce website can be easy once you have the necessary tools and knowledge. You can consult the best ecommerce website builder when in need of aids. Hosting your online store has many benefits. Gaining more control over your e-commerce site, improved business branding, cutting on transaction and listing costs are just but a few to mention.

However, by making this decision, you should be ready for the challenges and tasks accompanying it. Regular updates on cart scripts, updates on available stock and security checks being among the tasks that will keep your hands on.  This should not deter you from your aspirations. Below is a simple guide that will help in creating an e-commerce website.

Normally, getting to create e-commerce website can be stressful without the input of the best ecommerce site builder. Therefore, below are the highlights of the essential tips on how to set up an e-commerce site even on your own.

Step one: Gather the essentials

For an already established businessperson, basic requirements such as company name, profile, products and services and their prices among other components of building e-commerce website should be already in place. These are the essentials of starting up the online shop. With that pinned down, other essentials include the following:

Domain name

For any free ecommerce site, the domain name is a key component. Several hosting companies and domain registrars can provide this at a small fee. The client target should determine your choice. Local markets require different domains from the international market. If you target multiple regions, consider purchasing many domain names. However, a top-level domain could be handy as it is non-country specific. Always be free to consult website builder e-commerce on the suitable choice.

Web host

All e-commerce platforms and web pages rely on a certain server. The website speed, performance and the general activities of your site depend on the type of web host installed. Various companies including Bluehost and HostGator can provide this at an affordable price. With the advice of an ecommerce site builder, ensure to purchase one that allows additional features such as third party scripts and shopping cart systems at a click.  However, consider, shared hosting environments, if you cannot purchase one on your own.

An IP address and private SSL certificate are also essential to build an ecommerce website. Customer privacy should be among the fundamental principles that guide you on how to build an ecommerce website. This can be provided for by having a secure sockets layer protocol (SSL). It serves by encrypting the clients’ data between the website server and the browser. Having your protection protocol requires a private IP address that cannot be shared.

Shopping cart script

This free add is the backbone of any free ecommerce store. Several shopping cart scripts are available in the market including osCommerce and Zen Cart. The best free ecommerce website builder can help you install the latest application.

Payment gateway

This constitutes a means in which payments from clients reach you. Not all customers will send you checks by mail. Furthermore, it would be customer friendly if you have a direct means of payment from your website. Install an online payment processor that accepts credit cards and validate transactions in a short time. Most people use PayPal as their form of payment.

Step two: Setting up your website

With all the above requirements pinned down, you are good to build an ecommerce website. To build an ecommerce website ensure to include updates on the homepage, statistic pages including your background, your products and other features advised by best ecommerce website builder. Ensure that you have a sufficient subscription ecommerce platform to outrun the available sites.


Step three: Customizing the online store

Customization aims at making the website client and user-friendly. There are various customization options provided by different shopping systems installed during the first step. Plugins like osCommerce are a feature rich free ecommerce website builder. They provide a wide array of customization options. This enables you to keep track of various products available in stock, reports on sales, regular clients, taxes incurred, rates and much more.

Other essential configurations include changing the logo and footer of the page. This is simple as various best e-commerce site builder options are available. From the ecommerce store builder icon, you can switch to a new logo. Banner manager and other tools come in handy in making other advanced configurations. Additionally, create a search option that enables visiting clients to seek a product they require. Others are a mobile responsive system that allows easy accessibility to mobile devices, customizing the fonts and themes to make it more appealing and a back to top icon jumper.

Step four: Categorize your products

The catalog is the primary working point of reference. This is where all the categories of products are contained. With osCommerce, all the products are electronically fitted by default. You, however, have a chance to customize as per your needs. For new categories of goods, an online admin interface will make it straightforward. Creating a clearly defined category of products will make it easy for your clients to find their search. If you find the whole process complicated, consult best free e-commerce website builder on the best available options.

Step six: Dealing with fulfillment and shipping

With all the goods up on the website, you should work on how purchased products will reach the buyers. In the administration panel, under the modules section, you will find various customization options for shipping costs and payment methods. Various payment gateways mentioned above including PayPal and 2checkout can also be installed for effective transactions. With shipping methodology, specify on the shipping costs concerning various zones. You can additionally provide ecommerce website free discounts and after sale, services to attract more customers.

Step Seven: Digital marketing

With the store up and running, you will pull in more people. With physical shops, decorations and store arrangement will attract the passersby. However, this is not the case with online selling stores. Specific measures need to be taken to attract clients to your website. Contact skilled individuals dealing with online marketing for an easier breakthrough and build your ecommerce website. Search engines will also notice with ease your ecommerce platform if fully optimized. Generating traffic to the site for impulse purchases requires adequate planning. Create links that can be shared through various social platforms including Facebook and Twitter to reach a broad base of clients.


Step eight: Maintenance

Building an ecommerce website is a continuous process. You should continually visit the site reports; test the installed plugins and add-ons among other e-commerce platform aspects for viability testing. Find new updates and recent customization to increase your e-commerce website performance. For expertise maintenance, consider employing the services of the best website builder for e-commerce.


As businesses grow, the rate of revolution of online marketing and sales is notably remarkable. Quite a large number of individuals have staked on how to make an ecommerce website and making a fortune from this venture. Therefore, ensure that you dive in with an articulate passion that will drive your goals and aspirations to reality.

Developing a unique and dynamic website is quite daunting. Coupled with the prevailing deficiency of information, find all the necessary guides before indulging in this activity. Best ecommerce website builders and experts in the field can give a helping hand on how to build an e-commerce website. May you develop the best e-commerce platform that brings your happiness and wealth as you venture into this field.

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