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All online businesses need to have a web store. However, your ecommerce site can only be successful if your website is functional, properly designed and secure. For years, WordPress has been known to be a blogging platform. However, its extensibility equally means that its role is not limited to blogging. More ecommerce platforms are being created via WordPress. You might think that starting an ecommerce website is difficult but this is not the case since WordPress can easily be enhanced using plugins such as WP e-commerce. Here is what you need to do: Ecommerce business

Understand Your WP e-Commerce Plugin

WP ecommerce is a comprehensive shopping cart plugin meant for WordPress. Using the plugin on WordPress enables your clients to sell goods online. The plugin’s popularity on e-commerce sites is attributed to its relative ease of installation. It is also compatible with all WordPress widgets. WP supports multiple languages, and can also be incorporated into Google. The online security of your customers is guaranteed due to the presence of an SSL security integration tool.

Installing the WP e-commerce Plugin

Your website can only be functional if the WP plugin is fully installed. To set up the plugin, you need to click on the Plugins icon, choose Add New, and then search for WP. Thereafter, click on the install button, which is often next to the WP e-commerce plugin. After successfully installing it, you must ensure that it is activated. Once this is done, the Product menu will appear on your dashboard in addition to the Store option in your Settings. The role of the Product menu is basically to help you add more items to your platform. On the other hand, the Store and Settings menu comprises some of the settings that pertain to the WP ecommerce plugin.

Improving Functionality

When creating a subscription ecommerce platform, you need to ensure that it is navigable and fully functional. This goes a long way in making the shopping experience more fulfilling. To improve navigation and functionality, you should ensure that your website’s front page is the Products Page. This makes it easy for buyers to see the products and services that are on sale whenever they visit your site. Using the static page as your homepage means that your products will be automatically displayed.

Customizing your Website

WordPress is ranked among the best ecommerce website builders because you can easily customize it to meet the demands of your online business. This also makes it easier for your clients to identify themselves with the goods and services that are on offer. Website customization involves selecting the country or region that you are based in. in this regard, you are also required to choose the markets that your products will be sold to. Currency information should similarly be updated.

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Website Administration

A free ecommerce store needs to have an administrator, who will oversee all the transactions. When creating an e-commerce website on WordPress, you are required to provide your personal or company email address. This information must be filled out on the Purchase Receipt-Reply Address, and the Purchase Log Email pages. If there are any terms and conditions pertaining to your goods and services, you should clearly spell them out in the Terms and Conditions page. The Admin Report and Purchase Receipt formats can be edited under Custom Messages to make your website user-friendly, and the shopping experience more fulfilling.

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Taxation, Shipping, and Payment Info

You need to ensure that information pertaining to tax regulations, shipment, payment options, and checkout, is available on your site. You should stipulate tax laws on your Taxation page. Keep in mind that different tax laws come into play in different countries. If your company offers shipment services for the products purchased, you should ensure that the Use Shipping option is enabled. If you wish to provide your customers with shipping discounts, you should click on Enable Free Shipping Discount. When it comes to payments, it is advisable that you clearly define your payment gateway. Paypal Payments Standard 2.0 is highly recommended since buyers can easily purchase goods and services and pay for them via Paypal.

Marketing and Checkout

The role of marketing is to popularize your website. With the advent of social media, it is easier to market your website and products to a wider market. The website should have links to popular social media platforms such as Facebook. This will increase its perceptibility. In the Checkout section, you must ensure that users register before they check out. In addition, the Billing Option must be similar to shipping. Force users also need to use SSL to make the entire transaction foolproof. Keep in mind that Form Fields help to define Customer’s checkout form. You can either choose to keep using the default form, or create a new one.


The creation of ecommerce platforms on WordPress involves simple processes. What’s more, it is quite cheap. Once all the aforementioned steps have been undertaken, you are free to add products to your new web store. However, you should have a captivating theme to make your website more attractive. Additional options can be configured after your online shop is up and running. Ecommerce Prestashop

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