What Ecommerce Builder Do I use for My Website?



The Internet has widely been described as a catalyst for success as far as running a business is concerned. In recent times, many businesses have been adopting ecommerce platforms to sell their products and services. An entrepreneur needs to ensure that he or she has a user-friendly ecommerce site, which attracts customers and gives them an enjoyable shopping experience. Free ecommerce websites require a high degree of technical expertise so that they can be fully functional. The following commerce builders can help you create a suitable ecommerce platform:

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  1. Shopify

Shopify has distinguished itself as a market leader as far as building ecommerce websites is concerned. Its main advantage is that it gives you limitless control over your website’s design. This is because you are provided with more than 100 templates to choose from. What’s more, you can design themes that suit you in the event that the templates provided do not match your specifications. Shopify’s popularity is attributed to the fact that it creates fully integrated websites. The presence of a smart analytics tool also means that you can easily get detailed information about your clients. This can enable you sell products that satisfy the prevailing needs of the market.

  1. WIX

This ecommerce builder has grown remarkably due to its matchless ability to meet all the web store needs of businesses. It features a range of highly responsive and professionally designed templates, which are categorized according to the needs of each individual ecommerce company. WIX also has a number of innovative features such as shipping cost, taxation, and inventory management widgets. The presence of social media incorporation tools equally means that you can easily include social media pages in your product promotion campaigns. To ensure that your products are sold in a more effective manner, a leveraged payment solution tool has been integrated into the system. Smart SEO tools enable you to draw the attention of organic customers. Besides this, marketing features such as newsletters can easily be incorporated.

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  1. Bigcommerce

This website builder is basically designed to help increase your sales volume. Bigcommerce not only helps you to set up a free ecommerce site, but also your domain name. When using this platform, it is easy for you to create a secure shopping cart. Payment gateways can also be easily secured. Bigcommerce boasts an extensive index of marketing tools, which can go a long way in helping you create a mobile-optimized e-commerce site. The presence of unique SEO tools greatly boasts the search rankings of your products. This significantly lowers your paid traffic and marketing expenses. Built-in marketing tools such as social integration, coupon and discount codes, and automatic customer lists, make your website more customer-friendly.

  1. Highwire

This is a highly interactive ecommerce website builder, which gives you the freedom to create custom-made websites from scratch. Besides this, you can easily modify and edit the preset templates so that they can suit the needs of your business. Highwire similarly gives you total control over everything that pertains to your website. It allows you to create stunning and fully-fledged ecommerce websites, which are attractive to customers. There is also an encoded payment gateway, which is easy to use. This makes Highwire a viable choice for both apprentice web designers, and professional ecommerce site designers.

  1. Wazala

This is another simple-to-use website builder. The tool’s unique customization options and admin panel makes the process of creating websites easier. This is due to the presence of drag and drop features, which negate the need for coding. When using Wazala, you have the flexibility to create e-commerce platforms that come with custom-made discount code enablers, shopping carts, shop navigation, and payment gateways. This web builder similarly equips you with skills that make the entire undertaking easy to understand. The layout, background colors, and themes of the available templates can be customized to suit your needs. Supplementary plugins can also be added to make web navigation easy. Wazala’s system cannot be easily infiltrated by web hackers. This guarantees a secure shopping experience for your customers.

  1. Squarespace

This ecommerce builder helps you design your websites in simple steps that do not require you to constantly switch tabs. There is an exceptional admin panel, which allows you to integrate all your ideas in one click of a button. With Squarespace, you will not be bothered by irritating error messages, because the entire web design process does not involve complex coding. The ecommerce builder gives you access to intelligent marketing tools, which help you to robotically generate SEO options needed by your page for optimization purposes. The integration of Google analytics makes your website more visible. The available security options ensure that buyers have a secure online shopping experience. A starter Squarespace package comes with 500GB bandwidth.


When seeking to create a free ecommerce store, ensure that the website builder that you opt for can help boast the online perceptibility of your products. In line with this ensure that a website builder offers basic features such as payment options, integrated shopping carts, and category pages. These features will make the site more user-friendly and comprehensive.

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